The Heart Behind the Lens: Why I Chose to be a Wedding Photographer

October 26, 2023

Someone once asked me, 'What made you want to be a wedding photographer?' It's a question I've pondered over quite a bit, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that initially, a part of it was about being able to pay my bills. After all, who doesn't enjoy the financial stability that comes with a steady job?


However, my journey into photography started during a peculiar time. It was 2020, the world was in lockdown, and I was nursing a broken heart from a failed relationship. I needed a distraction, something to shift my focus and bring a sense of purpose back into my life. That's when I picked up a camera.


Photography turned out to be more than just a distraction. Through the lens, I began to see love stories that I wished were a part of my past. Each click of the shutter was a moment captured in time, a precious memory forever etched in a photograph. It was as if I was relearning and rediscovering love itself.


Being a wedding photographer is not just a job for me. It's a privilege. My couples often teach me lessons about love, patience, and forgiveness that no book can explain. For instance, I've learned that it's not cool to dropkick your future husband for coming late from a golf game with his buddies, even if you have every right to be mad. I've also learned that every moment, whether it's filled with joy or tears, is worth celebrating.


In the end, the satisfaction I get when my couples are happy is an incomparable feeling. It makes every late night editing photos and every stressful wedding day worth it.


As I share this personal journey, I know my partner is reading this too. She's one of my biggest supporters, and to her, I want to say, 'I'm not dwelling on the past or wishing for a different story. I'm happy where I am.'


The world of wedding photography has gifted me with the chance to witness and capture love at its purest form. And for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you for allowing me to share my 'why' with you. And as they say at the end of a TED talk, 'Thank you for listening.'

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