Embracing Authenticity: My Three-Year Journey in Photography - Hamlin Beach Park

September 1, 2023

Three years ago, I held a camera for the first time. It was a humble beginning marked by a sense of curiosity and a thirst to capture the world around me, one frame at a time. Embarking on this journey, I was unaware of the growth, exploration, and evolving artistry that lay ahead. My first love was the simplistic charm of street photography - a charming genre that allows the raw beauty of life to unfold in front of the lens. Armed with a single lens and one reliable camera, I ventured out into the streets, capturing the world as I saw it. Simplicity was my muse, and each click of the shutter created a breathtaking canvas of life.As I delved deeper into the world of photography, I encountered a new turn: portrait photography. Guided by the wisdom gleaned from countless hours spent on 'YouTube University', I immersed myself in a world of lights, equipment, and carefully planned poses. It was a far cry from the intuitive spontaneity that characterized my street photography. But as I dove into this new realm, I realized that it wasn't for me. I yearned for the raw, candid charm of the streets - the unscripted moments that made every photograph unique and genuine.I listened to my inner artist and returned to my first love, reminding myself that art, especially photography, isn't about fitting into a pre-defined mold but rather about expressing your unique vision. Why chase approval from strangers on the internet when you can create art that sparks joy in the lives of your clients - those who really appreciate your art and vision? Remember to shoot for them, impress them, for they are your canvas. The beauty of art lies in its subjectivity - it is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. As I continue my journey in photography, I realize the importance of being my kind of artist, my kind of photographer. It's not about fitting in, it's about standing out with what makes you happy. As I celebrate three years in this journey, I raise a toast to many more lenses, frames, and stories to come. Here's to embracing authenticity, to exploring, to expressing, and to evolving as an artist. Here's to three years and counting! And as I share my journey, I hope to inspire others to embrace their unique artistic vision and create art that resonates with them. Because at the end of the day, art is about expressing oneself authentically. Thanks for coming to my TED talk! P.S. Shoutout to @erinhillsmakeupartistry for the fabulous makeup that adds a touch of magic to every photoshoot.

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