Austin + Bridgett - Coconino National Forest - Sedona, Arizona Elopement

May 1, 2022

I hopped on my rental for my drive from Phoenix to Sedona shortly after my 6 hours flight from upstate New York. The drive went by fairly quick as I listened to some music turned a little too loud because I am so excited for my first time traveling to Sedona. Wandering my way through some of my new favorite highway stretches, picking up my jaw one too many times in awe with the beautiful scenery. I drove to Coconino National Forest the day after, saying "wow" at every turns because of how beautiful and majestic these mountains are. I unpacked my gears and we made our way to the summit. As always, I love it when I had a chance to actually get to know my couple. Austin and Bridgett were such a vibe, elegant yet rural at the same time and the rest was just magical.

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