A Day in the Park: An Intimate Engagement Session at Highland Park and George Eastman House - Rochester NY

October 20, 2023

For a photographer, every engagement shoot is a unique opportunity to get to know the couple, understand their dynamics and what makes their relationship special. This was exactly the case when I had the pleasure of spending a day with Lucy and Kris for their engagement session.


Our adventure began in the picturesque Highland Park. Famous for its beautiful fall colors, the park served as the perfect backdrop for capturing some informal shots of the couple. The golden hues of the leaves, the soft sunlight, and the crisp autumn air added a touch of magic to the atmosphere. As we strolled through the park, I got to know more about Lucy and Kris - their stories, their shared dreams, and the shared laughter that echoed through the serene park.


Engagement sessions shouldn't just be about taking hundreds or thousands of photos. It's about capturing the essence of the couple's love and understanding their chemistry. This approach eliminates any awkwardness that can occur on the wedding day, as the couple already knows what to expect from me as their photographer.


Our day ended at the magnificent garden of George Eastman House, a location that added a hint of grandeur to the couple's love story. The lush greenery and the elegant architecture served as a stunning backdrop for the final frames of their engagement session. The garden, with its old-world charm, added a historical depth to their contemporary love story.


Here are a few frames from Lucy and Kris's engagement session. Each frame is a testament to their love and the bond they share. Each photograph tells a story of their journey together - a journey that I was fortunate enough to capture.


As a photographer, these are the moments I live for. It's not just about capturing a beautiful picture, it's about capturing a beautiful story. It's about understanding the couple, their love, their journey, and translating that into a frame that they can cherish forever. And as I watched Lucy and Kris walk hand in hand, against the stunning backdrop of Highland Park and George Eastman House, I knew I had done just that.

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